System Overview

General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) was the first background screening company in the industry to introduce secure, web-based screening technology for submission and retrieval of background reports.  We developed our online ordering system to allow our clients to submit requests and receive real-time results via the Internet.

Our online ordering system supports the capture and application of customer-defined background report adjudication rules, allowing for rapid automated analysis of completed background reports.  Since the system allows detailed customization of adjudication rules, it can reduce or even eliminate the need for our customers to spend time manually reviewing reports to arrive at a grade.

As a web-based solution it does not require the download of any software. When you log in to the system, it detects who you are and can automatically pre-select the searches you typically request.  From there, you simply enter the individual ’s information and the system initiates the proper searches.

We know that quick access to information can significantly speed up your decision making process so we have made it a priority to allow instant access whenever possible. Searches that trigger GIS’ KwikScreen National Criminal Database, Motor Vehicle Reports, Credit Reports and Name and Address History reports are all available to be viewed just seconds after requested through the system. The system also allows clients to view the status of searches that do not return instant results. Ongoing activity related to screenings that are still in progress, such as attempts to contact a previous employer, can be viewed at any time. 

In addition, our system has a 99.9% availability with a scheduled maintenance window of 4 hours per month.  This window occurs in non-peak production hours and typically only causes intermittent loss of availability in the maintenance window due to our extensive use of redundancy and load balancing technologies.

Like many of the tools and services developed at GIS, our online ordering system is a solution arrived at through a design philosophy that keeps central our clients’ desires to increase efficiency and reduce costs.